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Guests Forgot Swimwear

by Ronan from Ireland

Two young men showed up and settled on sunbeds by the pool. They introduced themselves as Steve and Kevin, looking fit in their blue jeans and white T-shirts.

"Did you just go for a swim with all your clothes on?" asked Steve looking at my wet clothes.

"Yes," I replied, "it is part of my job. I had to fetch a room key for a guest. Excuse me for a moment."

I had spotted a white object in the pool and jumped in to get it. Then I climbed out next to the guests.

"Looks like you really enjoy swimming in your clothes, right?" asked Kevin.

"Yes, actually I do, which is way they hired me as pool attendant. Others might be too hesitant to go into the water with all their clothes on when it comes to helping the guests. For me it is just part of my job."

"Is it easy to swim in clothes?" asked Steve.

"Depends what you wear," I said. "This uniform was especially chosen for easy swimming and dries quickly."

Kevin asked: "We left our swimwear in the room as we didn't plan to come by the pool. May we swim in jeans?"

"Sure, no problem," I replied, "and keep your T-shirts on if you wish."

Kevin and Steve liked the idea and slowly entered the pool at the shallow end. They looked bemused as the water seeped into their clothes. Then they swam a few lengths and splashed around.

"How's it going?" I asked sitting down on the pool edge, dangling my legs in the water. Looking at my damp uniform, I felt the urge for another swim.

"Yes, it is much more fun than we thought," replied Kevin. "The clothes feel really good in the water."

"If you like, you can learn more about it," I suggested as I slipped into the pool and climbed onto an air bed.

"You can learn swimming in clothes?" asked Kevin surprised.

"Yes," I explained. "It's great fun. I'm running a classes for this."

"Really? What do you teach there?" queried Steve.

"You'll learn about aquatic survival, what clothes are best for different water sports and other wet activities. Then you have a chance to try out different outfits. The class is very hands on, or shall I say, clothes on."

Kevin and Steve said they'll be at the next one and left the pool to go for lunch at the pool-side restaurant, dripping wet.


My next task was to hose down the pool area. I decided to keep the thin wet pants on as they would dry quickly while cleaning the pool area, but took off my wet anorak and swapped it for a tee-shirt and yellow hoodie.

Quite a lot of leaves had collected over the previous days. I got the hose pipe out and began cleaning the poolside when Misha showed up, dressed in jeans, tee-shirt and a green anorak.

"Did those two guys fall into the pool?" he asked.

"No, they just didn't bring any swimwear," I replied. "Have you forgotten yours, too?"

"Ha ha, no. I have plenty, like anoraks, tee-shirts and jeans. I'm here for the advanced swimming course, just checking out the pool."

"Oh, well," I said, "jump right in then."

"Do I need to take a shower?" Misha asked.

"Yes. You can go over there, or I can hose you down right here," I said jokingly.

"Oh, yes, please. That would be fun!" said Misha with a big grin as he put up the hood of his anorak.

I began hosing him down, first the jeans, front and back, then the anorak, outside and the inside through the collar. Moments later Misha was soaking wet and thanked me. He looked like he enjoyed it and started swimming many lengths in the pool with all his clothes on.

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