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Re: Robbie and Friends Did It

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Posted by Ry on December 04, 2021 at 19:22:15

In Reply to: Re: Robbie and Friends Did It posted by Robert on December 04, 2021 at 17:22:46:

YEH MAN! Im on the laptop now to look at the trainers, so no emojis. Yeh air max 90s ... very popular here as well, but either all white or all black here. Some kids at State Academies get away with wearing these with their uniform as skwl shoes, but we can't at Grammar. We don't really wear basketball shoes here ... more trainers, but I bet those were AMAZING soaking and squishing around, LOL! I actually prefer and normally wear Air 270s or Air Max 97s, usually black or navy ... but i do wear white ones in summer. Usually with white socks, well should be white apart from the soles which can get pretty manky with ME ... but usually everything is pretty wet anyways. I can't do anything without socks on, my feet are too sensitive ... even sleep in socks! When I first started in secondary, in yr 7, and had to go into the pool area and sit on the side to watch coz I wasn't actually swimming. Everyone was told to take their shoes and socks off to walk through the wet pool sides ... I actually couldn't! Obviously I tried coz at a new skwl you actually want to do as you're told to start with and just fit in. But as soon as I put my foot down I was just like frozen to the spot! I had to put my socks on and just walk through like that, gradually gettin them soaking ... but that felt better than NO socks! Everyone asked why I'd still got my, now soaking, socks on still and I replied I have sensitive feet and it's ONLY water, I'll dry! Ever since I've gradually noticed no 1, in our year group, anyways, even attempts to take their socks off now ... they just walk through not caring. I think it used to be just that yr 7 thing where you just do as you're told, as you get older you do as YOU want!

I guess you're in Canada then? Don't kids wear uniforms there? I thought I'd seen some vids of kids in grey shorts and white shirts, but I might be gettin mixed up with Australia? We have to wear uniforms, but some of us ... no MOST of us ... bend the rules to white socks and slim / skinny trousers. Some kids actually buy trousers for a year younger, just so they're tight! I once tried wearing black jeans, but ended up in a whole load of crap! In detention for a week, even though I only wore them 1 day!

When we get to skwl early in the morning, we're not really allowed inside until like first bell at 8:50. So we have to stand outside. Our skwl doesn't really allow outside coats once you're on the skwl grounds (friggin rules and tradition) ... so we stand around in blazers and shirts ... unless it's winter and then we have jumpers on as well. So on COOL days when it's p*ssing down, we actually end up soaked before skwl even starts. I actually try to get there early ... no Teacher can actually say anything! We end up staying wet throughout morning lessons then 'top up' at lunch if it's still raining or there's puddles around. The BEST fun is finding a gutter that's blocked and overflowing and daring each other to just stand under it. The dare is to see who can actually stand the longest, you get timed ... obviously you end up the wetest as well! I think I pretty much hold the record for that in my yr! I have rivals in other yrs tho! It's worst at this time of year, coz the water is ABSOLUTELY freezing while your under it! Eventually you go numb and your body just gets used to it ... but LOADS of kids fail coz they just can't stand the cold water ... they're wet by then anyways. Another good 1 at this time of year is to dare someone to stand in a deep puddle, in the cold, in just their socks NO SHOES! Then you all watch to see who can't stand it any longer. Had a couple of lads actually end up p*ssing themselves, they got sooo cold, others just bail ... FUNNY!! They'll NEVER live that down.

I actually want Robbie to start gettin Sam to do more stuff ... especially at skwl! Sam is my age, I think. HE should be a tear away ... in a good way! I agree with YOU, NO friggin smoking, perhaps an occasional drink ... but don't go mad. I think learning now a bit will help us not to go SOOO friggin crazy when we're older? I guess yous already let them swear a bit ... best policy coz beleive me, they will swear, just gotta learn when and where!

Ohh! Have you got the latest kid craze there yet? Football knee sliding? It comes from a console game! Well, it's no longer just football ... it's anywhere, especially TOP at skwl in the rain, on a wet field and down the hill! Sometimes you fall over and end up belly sliding ... but whatever you end up with soaked pants and usually mud everywhere. It's MINT fun!! Just waiting for some field puddles to knee slide through ... we're gonna be trashed! The first 1 you'll get a bit wet ... but things will rapidly deteriorate into a full on soaking and probs with mud after like 20 kids have all gone through it ... FRIGGIN AMAZING!!

I'm waiting for more from your ladz ... please be kind to them coz YOU obviously love it! Does Sam know about the pool stunt ... has HE got to do the lifesaving? Sam Bro ... you just can't be outdone by your Bro ... you gotta keep it up for the younger teenagers ... give the older ones the finger!!

Safe, RY.

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